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Why the MakerSpace

Why is the MakerSpace Important to Our Students?

We know that in our for our students to be prepared to work and learn in the upcoming years, they will need both hard and soft skills that have not traditionally been an explicit part of the elementary experience.  Students need to have a working understanding of electronics, coding, and robotics - and that needs to begin at the earliest ages.  Students also need to learn to be resilient, persistent, and creative problem solvers.   They also must learn how to work with others effectively; that personal success often depends upon a collaborative approach.  Finally, we believe that students construct knowledge as they apply newly learned skills to meaningful work.  Therefore, we hope that by providing opportunities to work in a space that with challenging problems to solve with others; with a playful approach; and an emphasis on the 5 C's, that our students will ultimately leave elementary school with a strong foundation on which to build in their next level of schooling. 

Because the Maker movement is relatively new, the research on the outcomes of MakerSpaces in education is only in its developing stages.  The research is promising, but developing.  See links below:

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