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Policies and Expectations

The Mount Vernon Library Media Center is a dynamic extension of the classroom that provides its students with opportunities to read, research, study and explore areas of interest. The library blends traditional print materials, books, reference materials and periodicals, with digital multimedia research resources delivered via the wide-area network and the Internet.

Students are expected to use all resources knowledgeably and should demonstrate an understanding of the ethics and fair use of materials. Every student must have a signed Network Services/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement on file with the school prior to accessing any electronic resource.


Courteous behavior is expected at all times with faculty and students.

            Use inside voices

            Raise your hand during class discussions

            Walk in the library

            Treat our books with care

Checkout Policies:

The Mount Vernon Library Hours are 8:30am – 3:20pm each day.

Kindergarteners may check out 1 book per week.

First Graders may check out 1 book per week the first month of school and then 2 books per week as long as one is a good fit book.

Second Graders may check out 2 books per week.

Third Graders may check out 3 books per week.

Fourth Graders may check out 3 books per week.

Fifth Graders may check out 3 books per week.

Overdue notices are sent home periodically.

While there is no fine for overdue books, if a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for; the replacement cost of the book is quoted on the overdue notice.

Please pay with exact cash or with a check made payable to MVES, and send the payment to school in an envelope marked “Library”. The payment is refundable if a lost book is found and returned during the current school year.