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MVES school building



It is the mission of Mt. Vernon Elementary School to ensure a quality education for every student by integrating educationally sound methods throughout the school with a unified staff dedicated to that purpose.

School Mascot: Mustang 



School Colors: Blue, White, Grey, Black 


Mt. Vernon Elementary School is located at 310 Mt. Vernon Drive in York County, just off Hampton Highway (Route 134) and across from Tabb Middle School. It was opened in 1978 as an elementary school to house students in grades 1-6. The school included a large gymnasium so that the facility could be used as a community center. Space was made available and plans were completed to add another wing if needed.In 1987 a second wing was added to the school. Due to construction delays, Mt. Vernon students began a split shift day at Grafton Bethel Elementary. The classroom wing was opened in October 1978 with two classes each of grades 1-6. The administrative office was located in the breezeway until full completion in January 1979.

Plans for Mt. Vernon did not originally include a cafeteria. Students went through a serving line in a small room called a scullery. Food was cooked in a neighboring school’s kitchen and transported to Mt. Vernon in warming bins. Children ate lunch in their classrooms under supervision of teacher assistants. Children in grades 1-6 were grouped heterogeneously. Grades 4-6 regrouped as to math and reading abilities. Prior to the addition of the second wing, a self-contained special education class was housed at Mt. Vernon.

Mt. Vernon teachers, staff and administrators are excited and committed to providing children with the best possible education. We look forward to a continued effort between home, school and community to promote success and the desire for lifelong learning. Since 1998, we have been an accredited school. Our staff feels strongly that we have been successful in our academic program primarily because home and school are working toward a common goal.

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